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Working down south of my home, now. Getting used to the drive. It's a nice time. A quiet time. I tend to think this blog is the closest glimpse people get to see of what goes on inside my brain on a daily basis. The words and images you see here on this blog? A close representation of what goes on up in my noggin. The only difference? The words you see printed on the screen before you are scattershot into my brain, shouted in a voice that alternates between Eddie Murphy as Donkey in the Shrek movies, and Robin Leach screaming at the top of his lungs.

Anyway. My drive home tonight was relatively uneventful, except for when I made my way down the exit ramp toward Athens.

Damn, it's dark, I thought.

It took a second, actually, before that struck me as terribly odd.

The Athens interstate exit's a lot like any you find here in the states, nowadays. There are any number of businesses with lighted signs that illuminate the night, no matter how dark. But, I get to the end of the ramp, and there's no Waffle House, no Burger King sign. No Shell station, no Kangaroo.

What's more, there's no traffic lights. There's just the one, coming back in from the interstate. And there were no other cars, save an APD car with its spotlight trained on the power poles, looking for a dropped wire, I would reckon.

The wind was hellacious.

I like that word. I've made the challenge before, but I'm making it again: Find a way to use the word "hellacious" in your every day conversation today.

Anyway. Hellacious wind. At one point, it gets so strong that it rips open my toolbox in the bed of my truck. I've never had that happen before. Suddenly, my truck had batwings.

The darkness stretched for about a mile. The silhouettes of the Applebees and the Wendy's and the Raceway gas station made the lights conspicuous by their absence....never noticed how god-blasting bright those things are. Until they're not there.

Well, I say all that, to say this. Somebody's big ass has to pull himself out of bed 5 hours from now, to head back to work. If you've ever wondered why I call the site Big Stupid Tommy, I'm thinking we're round about hitting that bugger on the head, with that little snippet of personal info, right there.

Anyway. This has been a successful post, if only because I was successful in spelling "conspicuous" on the second small feat, given my current state of sleep deprivation....

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