Saturday, December 13, 2008



The XM/Sirius merger has recently begat a great casualty of XM's music stations, which despite being superior by and large, were considered redundant. First case? The progressive country/folk/southern rock station X Country was replaced by Sirius' Outlaw Country, which near as I can tell is little more than honky tonk...which has its place, but not once have I heard anything new on the station, something that I've thought to myself "I need to look them up again...."

Another casualty was XM's Christmas music station. Color me weird, I kinda dig the Christmas music, especially when it's got something fun, like John Denver and the muppets singing the 12 days of Christmas, or Bob & Doug McKenzie singing the twelve days of Christmas...or those angry people singing about their 12 Pains of Christmas...

Actually, it's about variety. The playlist, to a channel, is smaller and repetitive on the Sirius music stations. The same is true for the Christmas music. A lot of the Christmas music, for me, is about the novelty. Sirius' holiday music is much the same that my store plays on a dailry basis, and they rotate the same songs every couple of hours. Nobody's rocking out to Bob Seger singing Little Drummer Boy in the first place, but after 93 times of hearing the song over a 30 day period, it's grown quite a bit tedious, and if I never hear another drawn out guitar solo to a piece of holiday music, it'll be entirely too soon.

Anyway. I didn't really have a point here. This one's one of my favorites, and XM was pretty sure to play it from time to time....not really obscure, but not something good enough to make it to the Sirius side of the game, anyway...


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