Friday, July 17, 2009

Crab Fishing?

Crab Fishing

We're probably a year or more into my minor obsession with Deadliest Catch. I made a note the other day that no episode of that show is particularly distinguishable from any other episode. I actually liken the show to watching a tumble dryer go through it's processes, or even watching a Scooby Doo mystery: there's a comfort in the repetition.

As for the show itself, the family dynamic is the most interesting to me. Phil Harris and his two boys are maybe my favorite family, and I like the comment I saw somewhere (and for the life of me I wish I could remember where) that called the Hilstrands the rednecks of the Bering Sea. More and more, I find myself wondering about the dynamic of the Hansen brothers, Sig and Edgar. It seems like the most professional sibling relationship ever. I don't see any particular animosity, but it's almost like the two don't have much to do with one another outside the boat. I watch those two, likely instilling values and reactions that aren't really there, to the two men. I end up wonder, too, where Josh and Jake Harris end up....

But anyway, the other thing I end up watching for is the way the work comes to an appreciable end.

There's something to be said for a ridiculous 47 hours shifts, and I don't know that I could do that part of it. I say that up front. I start getting more and more ill the less and less sleep I get. And more importantly, less and less coordinated.

The work? Yeah, maybe. It's easy to say that I could, never having done any fishing more strenuous than trout fishing. But, my blog (even if I don't write here as much as I used to). I'll say what the fuck I want.

And the cold? I wear shorts in freezing weather. So, I got that whipped.

Yeah. Tough Talk.

I think that if I were on The Deadliest Catch, I would die, a shivering, crying ice cube that gets skittered off into the sea during the mildest of seas.

Or I would fall into an open crab hold on the deck, and drown in a sea of King Crab.


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