Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Recent study has shown that the road to ruin isn't paved entirely with good intentions. Scheduling, it seems, plays some part.

I live 35 minutes from the job, which is more than some and less than others, I realize. And I work a job that calls for 10 and 11 hour days, as a rule, with an occasional day that goes longer. And I do not work a set schedule. I'll work early in the morning one day, and then work a shift until midnight the next, followed by a day starting at 8 the next morning. As such, the six-day stretch that ran Tuesday to Sunday saw me working just shy of 70 hours in that span.

In fact, if you look at it another way, from 1:30PM Tuesday, when I started working, to 6:30PM Sunday, when I went home, between the drive and the job itself, roughly 76 out of 125 hours were devoted to that one thing. Add 6 hours of sleep for the five nights between Tuesday & Saturday night, and we find that there's roughly 20 hours of free time in that span.

And you people know how much spare time my Deadliest Catch Scrapbooking takes up.

I don't say that do bitch because I know the number of people who'd trade unemployment for any job at all is ridiculously high, even in McMinn County. I'm thankful not to have to be wandering the streets looking for that gainful employment.

Well, maybe I do bitch a little. I'm from the school that says you work to live, and not live to work. Hence the undercurrent of stress that's kept me on slow boil for three years or so.

I'll just say that time management, never my strongest suit, becomes even more difficult (verging on desperate) when you have a dinosaur's size obligation eating up 60% of the time on your schedule. It gets more and more difficult to make time to do the things you love to do.

Honestly, I don't know how somebody with kids does it. I don't even have the spare time to adequately care for plants.

I go on vacation in four days. I'll put in another 45 to 50 hours over the next few days before that. Based on a couple of phone calls yesterday, I sorta think today might be an interesting day whichever way you turn it.


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