Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Sunday without Obligation....

A Sunday without Obligation...

I'm an intermitent insomniac, right? Had a small bout last night starting around 4. Wandered in to watch some of The State on DVD--a fun acquisition, and one that I'd waited on for quite some time. As I wandered through the third season, there were a couple episodes I'd never seen, and even more that I hadn't seen since the show's original run in the mid 90's.

The trouble with insomnia is not so much the not sleeping, but the obligations that usually come in the morning. It's one thing to have to be up at 5:10 and waking up at three. That math ability is never sharper than when you can instantly calculate that you need to be up in one hour, forty-seven minutes.

Today, it wasn't as much a problem. Was able to lay back down a little past six, and managed to sleep till somewhere around 11. All told, I managed a healthy seven, maybe seven and a half hours sleep.

And at first, there was irritation at having slept that late. Even my days off, I don't like wasting them. There's shit to do, generally speaking.

But today, I find myself relatively caught up on my chores and life activities. My house doesn't look like it's going to end up with Dr. Phil yelling at me on syndicated television. My laundry's done. I'm not currently writing on anything (though there's an idea that's rattling around that I probably need to put to paper before I lose it).

Haven't been keeping up with the blog as much as possible. I kinda wonder the direction it's going, especially with twitter and facebook being what they are. Hard to believe that I'll be wandering up on the seventh anniversary of this little booger before we know it. That's crazier than the infield shift teams put on Adam Dunn.

Had an offer a couple weeks back to team blog. And, apologetically, I stated that I didn't want to share. Asshole? Maybe. Especially considering my busy ass is averaging two posts a week. But, at the same time, I still take the Hank Hill approach to the blog. It's just one of those things in life I'd like to be mine to do with as I please. And with all apologies to the requestor, whom I hold in high regard, whom I ask to not take the refusal as a denial of quality by any means, gonna make a better effort to put shit up here.

Writing? Well, I'm trying more fiction. I think I'm gonna put a little of it up. I'll just have to fight that part of my personality that seems to want to hide all that like a 12-year-old girl that wants to hide everything in her diary. I need to put it up, I think, for a little feedback. It feels rusty, what I write. Like I'm trying to find a groove.

Working the way I do, without a set schedule, is actually detrimental for me. I'm a creature of routine, I guess. I think the best writing came when I was working second shifts, and had the mornings to myself to write on a regular basis. I can't get that as a rule, so I'm having to make for the best with what I can get.

Days off, lately, are going toward writing. I'm looking, actually, at going away for a while when I take my vacation in August, and using three or four days uninterrupted to write something down. Just to see what I can accomplish.

Little things still going on in life?

We've taken to playing trivia games down in Chattanooga. My sister, brother-in-law and a friend of theirs have been going. We generally do well in the initial portions of the fact, we've gone wire to wire in first the past couple of games. The final question seems to kill us every time, though. Our betting strategy has been weak....we'll work on it, though....

Started talking to a nice lady at the bank my store uses. Was trying to make opportunities to talk with her. Then yesterday, she wanders into my store. Comes up to me and walks right up to me as soon as she sees me. Had the adrenaline rush of "maybe she's kinda digging me, too!" Of course, she's married. It's like I need a trombone following my big ass around...or maybe the Price is Right sound they do whenever somebody fails a pricing game.

Anyway, I've got the next couple of days off. We'll get a few things done. Take a minute to figure out just who I am again....


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