Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Krystal and Shrimp

Well, it seems as if Krystal is test marketing some shrimp entrees.

Krystal is such a high risk, low reward proposition in general that they should rate items on their menu based on the likelihood that you'll be racing the Devil for the commode some time in the next 6 hours.  That said, it's something of a small wonder that we never managed to pair up the cockroach of the sea with Krystal.

I'll not rush out to try these entrees.  I like my shrimp, from time to time, only slightly more often than I am tempted by Krystal.  When that happens, I generally get three or four of the little mustardy cousins of the White Castle.  That happens once a year, or so, and usually when I know I will be someplace the next day unencumbered by obstacles or appointments that might keep me from a clear shot to the restroom.

So, no.  No thank you.  You may have your shrimps.  More for you, says I.

Last thought, and this is apropos of nothing:  Suttree's titular character makes a stop at a Krystal while coming back from his kid's funeral, in that book.  Cormac McCarthy knew these parts well.


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