Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Shyam and I wandered over to Fall Creek Falls for a couple of days.  Her schedule and mine are difficult to coordinate.  Generally speaking, her busiest time of the year is my slowest, and my busiest is her slowest.  January, February are generally the only months where we can guarantee being able to get a few days off together.

We chose Fall Creek Falls for its relative proximity, and for being able to bring Mongo with us.  Mongo being, of course, her dog.

A quiet few days.  We had some winter weather blow through last weekend, the bottom end of Winter Storm Jonas.  It was an odd one.  We live in an area where we can look at forecasts from both Chattanooga and Knoxville.  It seemed like we had seven different forecasts heading into the weekend, ranging from rain and no snow to somewhere between 8 and 12 inches of accumulated snow.

We ended up with about two inches up at Casa de Big Stupid Tommy, which certainly didn't seem worth all the tumult and fuss leading up to it.  Seriously, Southeast Tennessee...let's get a grip when it comes to snow.

Anyway, it was storm that depended much on the temperature.  A couple of degrees cooler, and we could easily have ended up with a half-foot on the ground.  As Fall Creek Falls did.

We arrived a couple days after the snow, but it was still laying.  Mongo loves the snow.  So that was a plus.

We did a couple wanders.  It had started to melt can see in a couple pictures the opposite bank, which receives more direct sun, the snow's almost completely gone.

That night, the rain passed through and melted off all but the stubbornest snow piles.  Around lunchtime, a great fog rolled in.

We wandered across one person, during our wandering through snow and fog.  He complimented Shyam's hockey stick.  Beyond that, we didn't see another soul for nearly 48 hours.

It was perfect.

My minor resolution for 2016 was to take a few more trips.  Recharge.

Twas good, campers.


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