Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Stop being weird, Tennessee

There's good weird, and then there's just bad, uncomfortable, averting your eyes weird, Tennessee.

Cartoon porn?  You go looking for porno, and you want to see cartoons?  Damn, guys.  That's embarrassing.

On a related note, it was asked today:  Which Presidential Candidate from the two major parties has the largest amount of weirdo porn on their hard drive?  Not illegal, necessarily, but definitely enough to give you pause at both the subject matter and the sheer volume of it held within?

I think Cruz is the easy answer, and I don't think that's wrong.  That's my first instinct, too.  It could go the complete other way with Cruz, though, and he could be the self-flagellating type, pressing red hot coals into his palms just for looking at some sideboob pictures from the Oscars this past weekend.

My thought leans more toward Rubio.  His hair concerns me.  He has a very high forehead, perhaps.  Seems to me that he's hiding baldness, though.  I'd like this question answered before I lay my money down.  I mean, if he's got a killer combover, or he's wearing a rug?  I think it cinches it.  He's got a hard drive full of really embarrassing shit.


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