Friday, March 04, 2016

Thoughts from the Ass End of the Night, volume IX, chapter 1843

Haven't done an insomnia post in a while.

Haven't had a bout this bad in a while.

I keep it fairly cool in my apartment at night.  60 degrees.

I woke up burning up about an hour ago.  Kicked off the quilt, and eventually the blanket.  Still hot, sleeping under a sheet.  I don't feel feverish or bad, but those just don't seem like good signs.

I have to get up in about an hour and a half.  Maybe if I type some bullshit into the blogamathing, I can grab a few more minutes of shuteye.

Weird dream right before I woke up.  Don't remember of it, except that there had been an earthquake, and it was so intense that people's words were jumbled up.

A few things going on over in this neck of the woods:

Wandered out to lunch with Eric the other day.  He's studying.  I'm working.  We both are frightened of the state of this election, looking at the option of voting for Hillary or Trump in the November election.  It's notable because he and I aren't normally on the same page in terms of politics.  The number of people that feel this way is notable.  Notable because it feels inevitable, even 8 months out.

You want a viable third party candidate.  This year, more than any other.  The last couple of elections, I've voted third party.  It's nothing new to me, feeling like I'm part of a demographic ignored by the major parties (because political parties just love to ignore white males age 18-45, of course).  Maybe I just get off feeling disenfranchised.

This year, man, it just feels wrong doing that.  Especially if you've got a demagogue like Trump gunning for the Presidency.

Eight months is still a ways off.


I'm up to the S's in my alphabetical romp through my movie shelf.  I just finished Strange Brew, which holds up magnificently.  Did not realize until wandering through Mental Floss's listicle about Strange Brew that Angus MacInnes, who plays Jean LaRose, he of the hockey fame, also played Gold Leader in Star Wars.  Of course, after they'd pointed out, I can't NOT see it.  I thought that was neat.

Finished Stranger than Fiction right after that.  I'd forgotten how much I dig that movie.  Will Ferrell has a Robin Williams sadness about himself, when he's not mugging for the camera.  I rarely push for a comedic actor to try drama a little more, but I think the right role would suit Ferrell.  I forgot how good Emma Thompson is.  I also forgot that it hits right at the heartstrings there at the end.


Well, I've yawned four times in the past couple of minutes.  Let's see if I can grab 75 minutes of sleep, yeah?


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