Monday, March 14, 2016


Only sat down to look at the NCAA brackets a few minutes ago.  Was happy to see California with a 4-seed.

Cuonzo Martin got a bum deal in Tennessee.  He started slow, but was just starting to build some success when Bruce Pearl's reinstatement of eligibility was about to come up.  A few of Tennessee's dipshit fans decide to circulate a petition to rehire Pearl.  It came as little surprise when, days after taking Tennessee to the Sweet 16, Martin signed a contract with California.

Tennessee ended another bullshit season against LSU this past weekend at the SEC tournament.

Being a Tennessee basketball fan is tough.  Its program is overshadowed by football.  They play in a league that rarely shows life outside of Kentucky.  It's a program that seems to trip on its own feet the minute it finds some success.  I root for them as an underdog.

I can see myself rooting for Cal, through this thing.  Martin is a class act, and he got run out of Tennessee for having the temerity to not be Bruce Pearl.  He deserves success, and I have a feeling he'll find some, at Cal.


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