Tuesday, November 26, 2002

I got one of those e-mail surveys where you get asked questions about your favorite childhood book (The Complete Lyrics of Kris Kristofferson), your favorite day of the week (Pizza Day) and where you would move if money were no object, and you could go any place you pleased (Next to the Kelly Mart in Niota, Tennessee).

And one question was who would be the first to answer said survey.

The sender's response was Tommy, since he apparently has no life and time to burn to make bigstupidtommy.blogspot.com.

It's not that I have no life, Diane. Though I can't argue that fact too vehemently.

Mostly, it's to escape the night terrors.

Al Roker can't rub on my booty if I'm awake and making web pages.

Speaking of which, I think Al's a little spooky looking since he lost the weight.

Diane works here. They've got a really neat deal going with a train. I read about it in the Knoxville paper. Really. I learned to read. They tought me. Took years, but I can now comprehend things on a second grade level. Mostly.

I have to attend a meeting tomorrow morning in Nashville. Honestly. Who schedules a meeting the freaking DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????


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