Saturday, November 30, 2002

Um. Yesterday's post...did I write that?

My parents have to get a satellite dish. This 5 channels nonsense is detrimental to my well-being.

It's either write for a half-hour about Star Wars, or bother my sister. And she retaliates with violence.

We joined the mad throng of people at the malls yesterday. The one we hit in Chattanooga wasn't so bad. Busy, but not ridiculous.

Parents: Do NOT teach your children to walk in front of people just to catch up with another member of your party. It makes them turn into assholes just like you.

I was walking down the hall, in the flow of traffic. A lady walks past me, left to right, into one of the stores. Her husband (I assume) and two small children were in the middle of the aisle at one of the kiosks. Instead of waiting for me to pass, where there was like 15 feet of empty space, he tells the child "Follow Mommy! Go! Go!"

My buddy Adam once told me, in ten words or less: Everybody Has an Exaggerated Sense of Entitlement.

There are too many people in the world who feel that you have to beat somebody else to get something, otherwise you won't get it.
In their mind, those people are there only to cheat you out of what's rightfully your'n.

Take it from your old buddy Big Stupid Tommy. Ain't nothing here for you. Go home.

I missed this weeks NWATNA show at the Fairgrounds in Nashville. Vince Russo apparently cut a promo, and Sean Waltman left the company. Russo Bad, but Waltman leaving the company: muy bueno.


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