Monday, December 02, 2002

And Now Big Stupid Tommy's People, News and Views....

Is there any better cereal than Boo Berry?....I was on last weeks SportsCenter Top 10 Plays of the Week...Chris Berman called me a butthole....Can we do something about all these crying babies?....The Best Show on Television: "In Search Of...." reruns on History Channel.....I counted my socks. I have 23 pair, and one extra....How do they know what it sounds like in the womb?...Charlie Sheen will pay! Oh! Will he Pay!....For my money, there is no better color, than blue.....Why does it warrant news coverage that Zsa Zsa Gabor is in the hospital?....Of all the animals I've eaten, my favorite is probably the chicken....the most entertaining website I've read in the past thirty minutes: Evil Hippy's Site....You'd better buy me something really good for Christmas....I slept 6.5 hours last night, but nearly 9 the night before, so IT'S ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!....Marge was buying Urkelo's at the Kwik-e-Mart last night....My first airplane flight was to Charlotte, North Carolina....Have a Smegly Week....

Larry King can kiss my butt.

"I's like Britney Spears, now!"


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