Sunday, December 29, 2002

And they say Sports Fans are dumb. If you're so smart, you answer me this whole NFL playoff scenario. If the Jets win, and the Dolphins lose, and Warren Sapp goes the whole day without having to rearrange his package, then the Eagles don't have to play next weekend, unless the Steelers tie and George Steinbrenner sells the Yankees. My name is Big Stupid Tommy, and I have a hard time understanding this all.

The Jets and the Titans are the two hottest teams going into the playoffs. In the AFC, though, watch out for the Steelers. They'll screw somebody's world up. Over in the NFC, everybody seemed to have simply fallen into the playoffs. Absolutely nobody comes in with any momentum. In fact, the Packers and Falcons come off a drubbing, the Eagles lost a heartbreaker, the Giants won that heartbreaker, and the Bucs played the Bears.

A team consisting of me, my roommate Bill, George Steinbrenner, Billy Joel, Mira Sorvino and everybody who ever played James Bond in a movie would beat the Bears (in overtime) 17-14.

My picks right now are Eagles from the NFC and the Titans from the AFC. Especially if the Raiders can't get their defense healthy....

George Steinbrenner.

Did I mention George "Let's Have an 8-Man Rotation" Steinbrenner?

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the funniest cartoon on TV.


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