Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Today's Price is Right Update

Today's Price is Right Update

Didn't get to see much of The Price is Right today (or as I've come to know it, simply: Price). They had it on one of the TVs at Best Buy when I was in there, and I did stop to watch a minute or so of the Showcase Showdown.

There was a woman with a bright orange shirt. She won. She cried, she was so happy. She got a boat. And a truck, I think.

I often wonder how many of these people are aware of the taxes they'll pay on all that jazz?

That's why Wheel of Fortune just went to cash prizes at the end of each round, instead of letting you buy from a selection of fabulous prizes. Because people, especially multi-day winners, were going bankrupt from not being able to pay the taxes on all the prizes they'd bought with their Wheel earnings.

Yes, Delores Jean, you've just won a truck and a boat and some dishes and a pool table, but Uncle Sam wants his piece too. Them's the rules. Maybe you can let the Government use the truck, boat, dishes and pool table a couple of days of the week. I wonder if they'd do that....

It ain't fair, I know. If the U.S. Goverment wanted to win a boat, they should have been jovial in the meet and greet line before the Price taping, and painted themselves up in garish pink paint that reads "Uncle Sam Loves Bob Barker!" just like you, Delores Jean.

U.S. Government, come on down!

Do you think the whole government would come to contestant's row, or some type of amalgamated image, like Uncle Sam?

Do you think the U.S. Government would spin the big wheel really well?

Do you think the U.S. Government would cry if they won a truck and a boat?


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