Thursday, September 23, 2004



Today's Earworm: "I Want To Break Free" by Queen.

Got a little busy today. Had a short doctor visit this morning before work, then had work, at work, and then I goofed around after work. I did many things, and did everything at different paces. But it all was performed under the shadow of an earworm that's never passed my way before.

When I woke up this morning, I sat down to jot an idea I got from a dream down. To give myself a couple of minutes worth of focus, I put on my earphones and pushed play on the tape player.

I found an old Queen tape last week, and put it in the tape player. I wasn't sure the tape would even work, but it did, and it's what I've been listening to as I get ready for work in the morning.

I put on the earphones, and plugged them into the tape player. I focus better if I have the earphones to blot out all the other noises (flatulence). So, I put on the earphones, and Queen's "I Want To Break Free" was the song that played in the brief amount of time it took to write down the dream/thought that I'd had (hint: Colt 45=Smooth).

And ever since then, through everything I did today, I've had that song (God Knows) playing in the back of my head.

The worst part? It's not even the words. It's the background beat, and the guitar solo, more than anything.

Well. I'm going to go listen to the song as many times as it takes to wash out of my head. I kind of think of the earworm think like a cup with water in it. And you've got a little bit of water running around in the cup that is your head, in the form of an annoying song. And the way you get rid of that water song is by pouring more song water into your brain. Only then can it be great.

(BSTommy needum sleep).



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