Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Quick Raw Thoughts

Quick Raw Thoughts

I'm not gonna talk long about Raw. I'm more than a little bored with Raw.


1.) Okay, so we went through this whole 2 month rigamarole with Triple H having the belt, losing it, having a month of no champ, only to end up exactly where we started? Jeebus. I realize Triple H is a McMahon by marriage, but it's pretty tiresome seeing him as champ. The Triple H/Batista/Orton feud has legs without being over the title belt. Make a story for someone who doesn't have one (Jericho, Benoit) by giving them the belt....

2.) I almost threw up when they decided to show Lita's knee injury from Sunday night's PPV.

3.) Bret Hart fans? Look, I'm with ya, alright? I'm as big a Hitman fan as there was. But seriously. It's been seven years. SEVEN YEARS since Montreal. Let it go. It's a cover your ass business, and Vince and Shawn were covering their asses. Leave Shawn Michaels alone.

4.) Shawn? Don't even dignify them with response, when they start chanting that you screwed Bret. It wasn't an issue last night until you stole Edge's heat by taking a minute to dress down the crowd.....


1.) The "You Screwed Chyna" chant the front row fans gave to Triple H was pretty funny, to me. And to Triple H, too, I think....


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