Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Tuesday Random Thoughts

Tuesday Random Thoughts

Having one of those morning where all my joints and muscles feel connected. Which might be good...I mean, I do prefer my elbows to be connected to the triceps. But I don't want my shoulder to hurt when I move my left knee. I got my normal 6-7 hours of sleep. Don't know why I feel so worn out.


In the Stupidest Angel, there's a bit about California Schadenfreude, where the rest of the country is secretly happy whenever something horrible happens weatherwise, or earthquake-wise, in California. It's kind of a payment on all that sunny weather, author Christopher Moore (a Californian) opines...

Still. I have an occasional nightmare about mudslides and landslides. So those are spooky, scary images for me. And being buried alive under a mountain of mud? Forget that. I feel for those folks.


The inside of my truck smells vaguely of oregano. I got a Subway sammich the other day. A chicken breast, with oregano they put on before they nuke it. I don't trouble the Subway employees much, but they seemed happy to comply since it wasn't busy. Now my truck smells vaguely of oregano. There are (and have been several) worse things the inside of my truck could smell like.


Put Vaguely Oregano down on the list of nice sounding band names.


I met a Cubs fan at the post office yesterday. I was mailing an Ebay package, and an older feller got in line behind me. He was wearing a Cubs cap. We struck up a conversation. He's been a Cub fan since 1945. His family got their first radio (their first RADIO) in '45. He listened to the Cubs/Tigers series on that radio.

He lived in Indiana for part of the seventies and eighties, and made it to several games at Wrigley. He's seen them all. Ron Santo was his favorite player of all time, though he liked Sandberg a lot. His favorite current player is Aramis Ramirez.

He asked me how long I'd been a Cub fan, and I told him since the 1984 season. I realized that my experience paled in the face of a near 60 year man like this feller, but he said: "Yeah...you're getting pretty veteran at this by now, ain't ya?"

I do alright.


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