Thursday, September 01, 2005

Third Person Thursday

Third Person Thursday

Tommy wants to pop into his blog, and say "Howdy!"

Life's been busy in his neck of the woods. Posting here has been sporadic, but Tommy's had other priorities.

Priorities like getting out of the house and off his ample rear end.

He did find time to see The Brothers Grimm, and was disappointed. He says that it just seemed thrown together. And he wasn't sure if Peter Stormare was trying to be cartoonish by design and direction, or if he was trying to steal any weak scenes he was in. Either way, he failed miserably, and just ended up annoying Tommy all through the movie.

He enjoys the Red Stripe Beer "Hooray Beer" commercial that runs on ESPNEWS in the afternoon. The line "You are very ugly" makes him laugh muchly.

He would like to take a minute to say that you should probably turn off the CNN, Fox News, the Weather Channel and all that other hurricane mess. Yes, it's horrible. But it watching it constantly on the television doesn't do much for you, except work bad psychological mojo on you. Tommy's got a suspicion that the constant devastation news, combined with the bullshit hikes in gas prices, are a large part of why everybody seems to be on a lower keel than normal, as far as mood goes.

Donate some money to the Red Cross, and most of your locales will be holding some physical donation drives this weekend, if they haven't started already. Help that way.

Staring at a teevee about the news doesn't help them, and it's doing you a bit of harm, Tommy reckons.

The gas prices? Well. Tommy won't holler. He wants to, but he won't. The lowest price he saw in his trip to the post office and the K-Mart this morning in Athens, TN, was $2.99 a gallon. And he heard tell on the radio of bad gouging at some back road stations, to the tune of 4 bucks a gallon. Rumors, mind you. But stuff like that tends to get Tommy's blood boiling, so he's trying like hell to ignore that, too.

Anyway. Tommy's gotta go to work. Which he's thinking is something of a bummer.

His motto? Working's for suckers.

And it really is.

Know you know.

And Knowing is Half the Battle.


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