Monday, November 21, 2005

A Few Thoughts...

A Few Thoughts....

Sometimes, I think that I'd like a food product like what dogs have. You pour it on your plate, or in a pour milk on top, and the milk becomes gravy.

Like cereal, only gravier.

It'd be like Pot Roast, or Salisbury Steak in a Box.

It needs a good name. Gravy Steaks!

I'll keeping working on this...


The Today Show had a series on Plastic Surgery last week, and they interviewed a guy who was The Chairman of the Breast Augmentation Task Force. You know, I've heard a lot of great job titles in my time, but I have to put Chairman of the Breast Augmentation Task Force at or near the top of the list.

Along those those same lines...I've never really been part of a really cool sounding task force. I think that might be neat.

I wouldn't even have to be Chairman. I think it would be neat to say you're a grunt on the Breast Augmentation Task Force.

Also...I've never engaged in an Imperative. I think that would be neat to put on a resume.

1997-1999...Chairman of the Breast Augmentation Task Force
1999-2003...Chief Facilitator of the Uvula Imperative


I would like a bye week. You know. A regularly scheduled period at some point during the work season, where I could relax and prepare for the rest of the work season.

To that point, I would also like an offseason. Like most professional sports. I would like an offseason. (Except for Hockey. Doesn't the next hockey season begin three weeks before they've decided who gets Lord Stanley's Cup for the current season?)

Point is, I would like a few months to recuperate and rest, prepare for my next run at a championship.

I would take each of these things in lieu of a seven-figure salary.


My friend Joe is in Columbia. The country. His wife is from there, originally. They are there this holiday week to have a wedding ceremony there for her family that could not attend the American version this summer.

This is a propos of nothing. I just think it's cool that Joe's in South America.

I've never been to South America.

However, I'd probably get to go if I were part of some cool Imperative...


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