Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Football Thought

A Football Thought

Don't know why, exactly. It would please me very much to see Vanderbilt upset Tennessee today. I'm thinking that Lee Corso picking Tennessee to win nearly guarantees a Commodore victory this afternoon.

Reasons I might like it....

Had some old Tennessee lineman on talk radio this week, telling this obnoxious story about how they'd call the Freshman footballers "Commodores" or "Vanderbilt" until they proved they were worthy to wear the Tennessee Orange....

Or maybe I hate the color orange...

Or maybe I just hate "Rocky Top."

But really, it's U.T.'s fans.

I've really gotten my fill of Tennessee fans in general this fall. Tennessee's having a bad year, and I hear from people "I ain't watching them this year...they suck."

It runs up my backside, simply because I've been supporting a baseball team that hasn't won a thing since before my Grandfather was born, yet somehow I'm there 162 games a year for going on 22 years now.

But you can't support a football team that goes 9-2 every year and, the one year they don't, you can't bother to even claim them.

It bothers me. More than it should.


Vandy 20, Tennessee 14. That's my pick.


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