Monday, November 21, 2005

The Top Five Things In My Pockets

The Top Five Things In My Pockets

Seen at A Large Regular:

List the Top 5 things you find in your pockets:

1. Billfold, with many a few Benjamins Washingtons and Lincolns (and a Hamilton...altogether, the founding fathers and the Emancipator equal $24)

2. My keys. Without them, I cannot enter my truck, start my truck, enter my house or check my mail. I have learned each of these facts the hard way.

3. Pocketknife. Hells, yes.

4. A receipt from where I bought a sandwich and a banana for lunch. I paid cash. Because they would not accept love, promises or any form of barter....

5. A note to myself to remember to call the bank this afternoon. The note was a failure. I did not remember to call the bank.


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