Sunday, November 13, 2005

Three Years of Mindless Crap

Three Years of Mindless Crap

Howdy. It was three years ago today that I started Big Stupid Tommy. Three years.

I'll put a link here, to that first post. Not much there. I bitch about Burger King, and I talk briefly about the fact that after an NWA-TNA wrestling show, the Evil Hippy and I saw wrestler A.J. Styles' pickup truck, and contemplated ramming into it.

I also show an unsurprising ineptitude. It's one thing to not realize Blogger puts the date down for you, but I also seemed to believe, in November of 2002, that it was November of 2001. You might think it was a typo. But believe you, me. I probably thought it was still 2001. (I mean, come on! I pray to Superman, for Superman's sake!)

Anyway. I think I hit my blogging stride within a week, where I manage to be dubious of Dusty Baker's signing as manager of the Cubs (I am still dubious to this day), I managed to bitch about Sammy Sosa, and I ask the all important question of you, the reader: Why haven't you bought me a sandwich?

A couple of days later, I have a thought on Beppo the Super-Monkey....

It wasn't too much after that that I joined the Rocky Top Brigade, a collection of Tennessee bloggers. Got a few more readers. Got to know a few other Tennessee bloggers. Among them is Eric over at Straight White Guy, who blogs from near my hometown, and who is related to one of my best friends from elementary school. There's Barry, at Inn of the Last Home, who does all kinds of good stuff; and Danielle, who now blogs from Australia with her blog, Missives Anonymous; and Len, out in Memphis, at Dark Bilious Vapors...

Somewhere along the way, I started getting links from a lot of blogs from fellow Cubs fans. I found kinships among the likes of Rob, at Uncouth Sloth, Goose, at Gooseneck, and Mr. Crockett (a wrasslin' fan, as well) at North of Wrigley Field.

Wanna give a shout out to a few others I've had contact with along the way. I don't know whether they started reading my stuff, or I started reading theirs' first, but I know they all pop in from time to time, so I'll give thanks to....Sheila, at the Sheila Variations, Bill at Leaning Toward the Dark Side, Chris at A Large Regular, Emily at It Comes in Pints, Mike at Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before, Steven Silver, at Steven Silver, and Pete at A Perfectly Cromulent Blog

And I want to give a shout out to Gunny. Because he's the Gunniest blogger I know.


I blogged early on mostly because I wasn't writing. I figured if I had something out there that people might want to read, I might feel a little more compelled to write than I was my normal writing. I used it to prime my writing pump, as it were. I still do that, actually. I'll write something for the blog, and it'll get the mental bowels moving, and make it a little easier to write the other stuff I write.

How's that going? Well. Alright. A couple of stories published. I did manage to get a draft of a novel done. So, there has been writing getting done. Just little publishing. That'll come around eventually, I think....


In the beginning, I think the only people who knew I had a blog were those I'd told. My buddies Bill and Steven. Diane and Shyam. Joebo. I don't remember if I told my parents, or my sister told them, but they found out about it soon enough.

I'd actually been blogging for about eight months before I started looking into any kind of webcounter. When I did, I was surprised to find that I was getting 30 or 40 hits a day. That number astounded me.

The numbers of readers have gone up, and down, and back up, reached a plateau, went down, went down some more (enough to make me drink and cry), went up, spiked one day last year when I was selling a used napkin because somebody was selling a used Alan Keyes Napkin, and plateaued off again.....

I've switched webcounters four times probably, and like I said, I didn't have one in those first few months of my blog, so I don't have a good count of visitors in the past 3 years. I'm thinking it's at least 31, but I've never been great at my maths.

I do know that at least half of all my hits come from people looking for pictures of, or curious about the size of, or just interested in general in Tommy Lee's private parts.


It's not been without problems. I've butted my heads a couple of times with readers. Usually over nonsense, like why Dusty Baker is bad for the Cubs, or why Apollo Creed in his prime would beat down a Clubber Lang on his very best day.

Or whether Stegosaurus was the biggest badass on the dinosaur block, or not.


A few numbers, as I close this post:

2026 posts.
3.7 billion words
128 times I use the word "asshat"
72 Wrasslin' Posts
111 Chicago Cubs Posts
98 Insomnia Posts
5 Times I re-ran that "Stegosaurus" post


Gonna pinch this one off...

Here lately, I haven't been writing as much as I'd like. More work, lately. And I'm having to ration out what I'm writing, whether it's for me, or for the blog. But I'm still around. Superman willing, I'll be around a while longer (it is just about the longest I've kept a hobby around...)

Thanks guys. Thanks for reading.


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