Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stuff I think....

Stuff I think...

I think you should be reading Robby, over at Overfed Mind. He's restarted his blog. It's good reading....


I am saddened, but unsurprised with Fox's decision not to pickup the back end of Arrested Development's season. If I had my druthers...I'd love to see it picked up by somebody like Comedy Central, or Showtime, as is suggested here.

I was talking with my friend Julie, and I said that it's not surprising to see Arrested Development getting low ratings. I really feel that the type of person Arrested Development's going to appeal to is also the type of person who is not always going to be able to sit and watch the show. Definitely not on a early part of weeknight.

Fox has consistently shown that they've had no idea what they've had on their hands. They've had inept promotion. Insane scheduling.

Not that NBC or CBS would have done any better with the subject matter...but Frasier, Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond are all different types of shows from A.D., but when those shows were critically acclaimed, nights were built around them. Friends wasn't built as a lead-in for E.R., like Arrested Development was this year for that Prison Break show....


I think that Andruw Jones should have won the N.L. MVP this year. Nothing against Albert Pujols, who may very well be the greatest player of this generation, and who had an excellent season. But Andruw carried the offense of the Braves for four months of this past season, and carried them almost single-handedly into the postseason.

Plus, wouldn't it have been great from an anti-Cardinals standpoint to have Mr. Poo Holes playing Susan Lucci his entire career to guys of arguably lesser calibre like Andruw Jones? That's how you create a mythos. Plus, it would have been great to rub that in a few Cardinals' fans noses....


I think if Derrek Lee had anybody who could have gotten on base consistently in front of him this season, he'd have blown both Jones and Pujols out of the water....

I believe in somebody being In The Zone.

Derrek was there.

Hendry and Dusty didn't or couldn't work with that.


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