Wednesday, November 09, 2005

November the Ninth

November the Ninth

Did I miss a memo? Every leaf on every tree decided to fall on November 9. Every single cotton-picking leaf. I wasn't invited to the meeting where they decided this. I'd have waited until the weekend.

So many leaves. Couldn't even see the driveway. All the leaves fell, the hickory and the oak, and covered up the driveway. They obscured the driveway. Couldn't find my way, all despite the fact I've driven the driveway 3.1 billion times. Leaves were on the driveway; I lost my way; I drove off into a ravine. A large ravine. It runs parallel to my driveway. I suppose I've mentioned it before. It's a few thousand feet deep. It's actually the deepest hole on the Earth. Anyway, I drove my truck off into it.

It was really kind of awesome.

Except the part where the truck hit bottom, and blew up and I died.

It sucked. Although I'm biased.


It's almost been three years since I started this blog.

Three years.

I can't think of many hobbies I've carried on for three years.

Except for bee keeping.

Although that's more a passion than a hobby, to be frank.

Anything that builds up your tolerance to bee venom isn't a hobby. I could probably withstand a good 10 or 11 hundred bee stings in one sitting before it got hard to breathe. But that's not how I keep bees.

Mostly I keep them in trees around my house.

When I need the honey, I'll don my bee keeping suit (a red t-shirt, and nothing else) and float up to their nest with a large balloon, imitating a thundercloud.

There is one lesson here.

Tommy = Thundercloud.

Also, Thundercloud is easily mistyped, and I think "Thundercould" would be a good name for a race horse.

Or perhaps a Christian Rock band.


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