Sunday, May 07, 2006

Newer Annoyances...

Newer Annoyances...

Never thought about it, but I never used to have the tiny annoyance of having to plug in my phone and charge it up. It's such a small thing, and I think it's more of an annoyance that I forget to do it.

Never used to have to do that.


I've lost track of the math already, but I'm thinking they've been outscored 48-6 in their last 7 games. Could be 8 games. I'd have to look, and I'm much too lazy for that. But the Cubs lost again last night. They aren't getting outscored 9-0, but they might as well be...the Cubs still aren't driving runs home....they lost 2-1 last night. Wasn't pleased with what I saw. They'd get a runner into scoring position, but come up the next at bat too aggressive, swing at the first pitch and fly out to short left, making it impossible for the runner to advance.

It's stupid baseball, and it's a Dusty Baker trademark. Either he's teaching them to be aggressive, or he's not reining them in when they play stupid. Either way, he's failing as a manager.

We should fire him now.


I wanted The Sinister Minister to win the Kentucky Derby. It annoys me that a non-wrasslin' reference won the horserace.

It also annoys me that there is no horse named Big Stupid Tommy.

You horsetrainer readers get the hell on that.


The spacebar sticks on my computer. You have to punch it extra hard when you want to make a space between words.


Actually, they should have fired Dusty Baker two years ago.


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