Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog Meet

Blog Meet

Well, I'm sitting here watching the football, a load of laundry in the wash, recovering from the past couple days worth of "real life." Slept a little close to the noon hour today, closer than I usually do. Life got hectic the past few days, but in a good way. Going to see friends, going to meet new people. Have a few beers, and enjoy the good company.

Eric, of Straight White Guy, invited us out to Hell's Half Acre to spend the weekend with him and his wife Fiona. Had bloggers from all over the country coming to rural McMinn County to say howdy. It's a sight to see....

Others are better equipped to give a full run down of the events of the weekend, since I ended up unavailable Friday, and slept through Sunday.

Still, want to say that it was really great to see everybody. Jimbo & Kenny, Denny, Bou, Morrigan and Stephanie, Johnny Oh, Rick & Georgia, and Eric's Gary & Connie.

Got to see Teresa, of Technicalities. I still feel badly about not mentioning that I'd met her last year. She's a funny, very cool lady. Her blog's a regular read now. Got to hang with her, some.

And I got to meet a couple new faces.

I got to meet Jerry, who keeps a blog up here. A tremendously nice fellow, he was able to explain the difference to us between hay and straw. With visual aids.

And I got to meet Erica, whose blog I've been reading for a couple years. Getting to chat on hell's half-acre for a half hours with this person, whose blog I've really enjoyed for many, many months now, and finding that the person behind is not much different than the awesome person you imagined...that's very, very cool.

Good folks, all. Always a treat. Definitely going to have to unshackle myself from the grocery store, try to get to these sort of things more often.

Want to say one more word of thanks to Eric...hope you enjoy the birthday throw a helluva party, sir.


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