Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In which he complains of neck pain....

In which he complains of neck pain....

In the midsts of my thrashings last night, while I slept, I somehow ended sleeping in a position where my left ear was almost resting on my left shoulder. I woke up a bit more than a half-hour ago, and there is currently no position I can stand, sit or lie in that does not hurt.

So far, a quick list of the actions that caused this pain, this morning:

  • Waking Up
  • Blinking
  • Rolling out of the position I was in.
  • Rolling back over to look at the alarm clock
  • Thinking about sitting up.
  • Sitting up.
  • Rolling my melon of a head around, trying to see if the kink would work itself out.
  • Standing up.
  • Walking.
  • Taking a Whiz
  • Opening the Medicine Cabinet
  • Looking up to find where the aspirin is
  • Opening the aspirin (here, I had to raise the bottle with stiff arms up to eye level. I hadn't yet put on the glasses, so I ultimately had to line the arrow on the lid with the arrow on the bottle with my finger tips)
  • Taking the aspirin
  • Walking to the fridge for water
  • Pulling the water off the back of the bottom shelf (this one sucked).
  • Opening the water
  • Walking to the living room
  • Sitting at the couch
  • Reaching across the coffee table for the remote
  • Turning my head quickly to look at "breaking news" which was some guy looking at "business at usual" somewhere in Florida, where Tropical Storm Noel is nearby. If there weren't cause for a moratorium on "breaking news," this would be it--they made me hurt myself
  • Reaching for my phone.
  • Reaching for my computer.
  • In fact, any reaching.
  • Writing e-mail
  • Writing on a story.

Actually, now, some 15 minutes after starting this post, in which it hurt reaching for the phone's loosening up some. Still hurts. Just going to have to find a way not to have my head loll around as I am accustomed.


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