Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yeah, well, I knew that....

Yeah, well, I knew that...

In my neverending quest to let the interweb define me....

Which 2008 candidate do you hate the most?

The candidate you like least is Republican Mitt Romney. He is pro-life, is in favor of No Child Left Behind, opposes embryonic stem cell research, is in favor of wiretapping -- this guy is your worst nightmare!

Take the quiz at Buttafly.com

Though, in truth, my worst nightmare generally involves snakes, explosions and Al Roker wanting to rub on my booty.

That said, while I usually take these things with a grain a salt. Further, I usually take dirt on candidates with a similar grain of salt. But, that whole story about this guy strapping a dog carrier with the dog in it thing? I can't take that kind of thing. That mess will drive me crazy. Generally, I like dogs better than people.

I know I like them better than political candidates.

I don't care if this guy could end racism, poverty and put a Playstation 3 in every home in Americanopolis. That dog thing bothers me.

Anyway. Y'all have a good day.

Seen here, and here.


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