Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Some dude called me "Farthead" tonight at work.

It wasn't a malicious thing. At least, I don't think so. He looked at me. The first time we'd ever seen each other (that I know of). He looked at me. I said "how ya doin?" or some other similar, generic greeting. "How you doin' Farthead?" The guy said.

I laughed.

It's a natural reaction.

The tough part about customer service is having to stifle those natural reactions. But this one, I didn't have to. For one, "Farthead's" a funny word. And, it was so completely unexpected. Plus, I am kind of a farthead, so there's no argument with the truth.

There was some restraint. My reaction, believe it or no, were I not in a customer service environment, would be to come back with some line about fighting a battle of wits against an unarmed man....or simply hurling a name of my own choosing. Something suitably vulgar.

But, I've learned that you can't joke with the folks who joke with you. You can, but you can't joke along the lines of name calling, unless you know them. That's how you start a fight, get a knew butthole torn by a D.M. and that's how you get to spend several minutes on the telephone apologizing to some dude who called you "Farthead."

Anyway. It seemed more of a venture for the fellow calling me farthead. Kind of a "see what happens if." Seeing that I've ventured a few "what happens if" in my time, I couldn't fault the guy too much.

As it turns out, some dudes just laugh it off.

Man, I think I need more sleep...


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