Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fishes & Loaves?

Fishes & Loaves?

I think I've written before about the odd convergence of energies that is the Taco Bell in my small town. I don't eat there much. For a couple reasons...the first being that I'm not a huge Taco Bell fan. The second being the fact that if you go in, you can see the people touching your food. I don't much care to see strangers touch my food, especially strangers who have reached midlife with only a nodding acquaintance with what you'd call "polite grooming."

But there's an odd even that happens just about anytime I make a run for the border.

First, they never have gotten my order right.


Which is irritating, I reckon. It might be moreso if I had dietary restrictions, but I'm on that proverbial seafood diet, right?

But as it is, just about everything from Taco Bell tastes the same. It's just varying layers of gooey and salty, to my mind (he said, saying what might be the most easily taken out of context line ever written on the pages of this site....).

But here's the thing: When they screw up your order? They screw up to your favor. Without fail.

I can order a chicken quesadilla and a soft taco, and end up with three seven-layer burritos and a side of rice and beans.

There's not a code. I can order that same thing, and the next time get an enchirito and two chalupas.

I guess my point is this: I never get what I order. But what I get, is always more than what I wanted.

Case in point? I ordered two burrito supremes (burritos supreme?)...I got one burrito supreme, one taco supreme, and 2 regular burritos (with extra enchilada sauce, apparently....)

They got the Diet Pepsi right.

What I'm wondering, though, is if this phenomenon could be used to solve world hunger? Would it be possible to funnel a lunch order from sub-Saharan Africa through the Taco Bell in Athens, Tennessee....


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