Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Somebody at tonight's NWA-TNA show, over in the corner we were sitting, kept passing gas (farting).

And they were pretty rank.

Being a wrestling fan does not excuse you from the obligations of bodily control.

There's a regular attendee of the NWA-TNA shows who's been dubbed ChickenHat by those in attendance, owing to that he wears a straw hat adorned with chicken feathers. Bill and I know him as Country Hulkamaniac--we first saw him at a WWF pay per view in 2002, where he held up a sign for Hulk Hogan saying that he was, indeed, a Country Hulkamaniac. He's been to every show there in Nashville.

I contend that it was the Country Hulkamaniac who was pooting. They stank.

Speaking of Stinking Poot Freaks, Ariana Huffington should be ignored.


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