Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Best Buy

Best Buy

I had a Best Buy gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so I went up this morning in search of a couple of things.

Club Dread came out on DVD today. If you haven't seen the Broken Lizard troupe's slasher-spoof, I recommend it only if you liked Super Troopers, too It's a lot of the same kind of funny as Super Troopers. Which would stand to reason, I guess. The IMDB page has some idiotic comment which calls the movie "Deeply unfunny."

Humor's such a subjective thing. I thought Club Dread was hilarious. Not the greatest movie, but neither was Super Troopers. Very episodic and skitty. Which, again, stands to reason. It's not a cookie cutter comedy which relies on Adam Sandler mugging for the camera along with reaction shots from Rob Schneider. It's just got a lot of weird, kind of unexpected funny spots. And I think comedy like Broken Lizard's needs to be supported.

But I digress.

Best Buy was sold out. Dammit.

It took me half an hour to find this little fact out.

Why is it, that whenever I go into one of these media stores, be it a Best Buy, or a Media Play, or a Tower, I can't sling a dead cat without hitting some salesperson asking me if I need help with anything? (Believe me, I've tried...it's why I'm not allowed in any of the Middle Tennessee Media Play locations anymore).

But when you actually are looking for somebody to ask a question, there's nobody in sight?

The dude that finally answered my question was the same associate I saw sitting in the Surround Sound Audio Demonstration area, watching Return of the King on one of the big giant plasma screen TV's.

Seems they only ordered a few copies of Club Dread. And that before the store opened, they decided not to sell them. Rather, they smashed them into many small pieces using hammers, chairs and plasma screen TV's in the back room. Because, really, who would want to buy those things?

Actually, the only true part of that statement was the first sentence. They'd only ordered a few, the guy said, and they sold all of them in the thirty minutes they'd been open before I got there.


What a crock of shit.

Also, they were sold out of the big Disney collector's tin of Donald Duck cartoons, the Chronological Donald, vol. 1. I loves me some Donald Duck. Because he's crazy. Mean crazy. I like Donald because he's the wrong word away from mowing the rest of the Disney family down with an AK.

Those were the two things I went in with my heart set on getting, and neither was at the store. Dammit. (Somebody's gonna tell me that I should have ordered online...I don't like ordering online. I like holding something in my hand before I buy it. I'm weird that way.)

I ended up picking the second season set of West Wing, which is just as good. It's from back when the West Wing was, you know, good. I just started up on West Wing when Bravo started running re-runs. The difference between the quality of the show back in the day, and what they're running now, Post-Sorkin is completely mindblowing.

Also: It's too hot in Tennessee. Somebody needs to write a letter, or something.


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