Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Konnan to the WWE

Konnan to the WWE

If there's anything this blog has been lacking lately, it's professional wrestling updates.

If that statement give you insight into just how far my priorities are out of whack, then I don't know what will.

Anyway, we learn in the wee hours of the morning (are they wee hours because normally you're up only this early to go to the toilet?), that Konnan, who made his U.S. name in WCW's heyday, has signed a deal with World Wrestling Entertainment. Got the story from a couple of sources. Wrestling dirt sites are getting notorious for being spyware spreaders.

Konnan....has been telling people that he has agreed to a one year contract deal with World Wrestling Entertainment. As previously reported, he was pushing for an announcer position when he was backstage at Judgment Day. As of right now, he is going to play an announcer role. Although the specifics are unknown, it is expected that he would be doing backstage and in-ring interview type angles. He will most likely be a bit more “involved” than other announcers.

He apparently still wants to get in the ring, however does not feel that he is in the best physical shape to do so. As it stands right now, if things go well and Konnan gets back into shape, he could be used as a wrestler sometime down the line.

That first line of that second paragraph caught my eye, where he says he doesn't feel he's in the best physical shape to do so.

I'm the last guy who should comment on somebody else's physical shape, but I wonder what gave Konnan the clue? The fact that he couldn't run the forty feet or so from backstage to the ring in the NWA-TNA's shows without being winded.

Or maybe it was that he'd exhaust himself getting on the microphone screaming "Let me speak on this" and asking "Where all my dawgs at?"

What concerned me about Konnan was that in the few months he wrestled for the Nashville based promotion was that he never seemed to shake off the ring rust and fatigue after he'd wrestled a few matches. He was always a step slower than EVERYBODY.

I mean, Harley Race got in the ring for a ceremony one night, I think Harley Race would have had to slow up a bit if he were wrestling Konnan. And Harley Race has gotta be getting near 65, and couldn't have run out of sight in two days time, even in his prime....


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