Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Ain't That Just Like a Yankee?

Ain't That Just Like a Yankee?

The Yankees want to be awarded a forfeit win since the Tampa Bay Devil Rays couldn't make it up to New York because of a little storm called Hurricane Frances.

Sets a bad precedent. The last thing I want is a New York Yankee Sabotage Squad taking out opponents' planes before they can make it up to New York. Yeah, the Yankees need to win their seasons the old fashioned way: By paying more for their players and outspending everybody else in the league.

Did I mention that I laughed myself silly when I heard Kevin Brown had broken his hand after punching a wall? He's a prick, and he's now proven himself to be a stupid, immature prick. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Speaking of Frances (the storm, not multi-France), they're calling for anywhere from 3-6 inches of rain in my neck of the woods today.

Today, we're going to spend an undue amount of time convincing the dogs to go out and pee.

Me? I'll pee outside in any weather. No convincing needed. Preaching to the choir.


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