Saturday, September 25, 2004



Mark Evanier has a note on his blog.

He and Sergio Aragones have negotiated to sell the movie rights to their character Groo the Wanderer.

Groo's a favorite of mine. Silly stuff. I gotta be in the right mood for it, but it'll make me laugh.

Mark's voicing of concerns over an unfaithful adaptation of the character made me laugh:

Having poured large chunks of our lives into the comic, we were not about to hand it over to someone else who might think, "Hmm...the Olsen Twins are hot. Maybe Groo could be two blonde ladies."

It's a while away, Mark says, before Groo will see the big screen, if he ever does at all. Still, as far as my fantasy casting would go: I've always kinda thought Brendan Fraser might make a good Groo, but I'm probably channelling too much Encino Man or George of the Jungle. Oliver Platt, in full on Ready to Rumble mode, might make an interesting choice, as well.

And Alan Ruck would play Rufferto.


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