Wednesday, September 08, 2004



The power went off in the middle of the night, last night. Don't know what time. I just remember waking up in pitch black. No clock on the VCR. No lights from the computer. No green glow coming from the alarm clock. Dark as dark can be.

I wake up early. Like, 5:15, 5:30. It's the time I've made for myself to write. I'll get up, write for 45 minutes or an hour in the quiet and the dark, then I'll start getting ready for the day.

I woke up in the pitch black, and got the crazy idea in my half asleep mind that it was probably past time for me to get up and write. Never mind the fact that with the power off, I wouldn't be able to turn the computer on.

In a rare display of forethought on my part, I keep a flashlight on the night table. I found it, and turned it on. The bulb emitted one weak flash, and died forever.

I have another couple of flashlights. One, I knew, was somewhere on one of my bookcases.

It's amazing how disoriented I became in my own little room with no lights on. I'd think I'm walking toward the bookcase, and I'd end up near the TV. I'd find the dresser a couple of feet before I'm ready for it, and of course, I'd find it with my big toe. I don't know how my computer table found its way right in front of my shins.

No flashlight.

I wandered to the kitchen, to find the big yellow flashlight, the one that you can see from the moon if you turn it on the bright setting.

I looked outside. I live out in the woods, but across the hills, you can see a subdivision about a mile away up on the next hill. No lights there. No lights through the woods at the nearest neighbor's house. The whole stretch of road was without power.

I find the flashlight. I turn it on. What time is it? 1:25.

I'd been asleep all of 2 and a half hours, and had panicked myself into believing I needed to get up.

Of course, I couldn't go back to sleep. Not even after the power came back on just before 3 AM.

Very little sleep tonight. No writing this morning. I hope I don't have to do any complex math equations today.

That's all I got. Blogging about Nothing since 2002....


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