Friday, September 02, 2005

Mark Your Calendars: A Wrasslin' Post

Mark Your Calendars: A Wrasslin' Post

If you're within driving distance of Athens, Tennessee, and you're a fan of the pro wrestling, you should make a point to head this way next Thursday, September 8.

Hell, even if you're not within driving distance. That's why I'm telling you now, so you can start this way.

The McMinn County Fair will be in full swing, so you can partake of all the festivities there. All your normal fair proceedings will be in swing. Cattle judging. Funnel Cake booths. Cooking Contests.

There. Will. Be. Rides.

But the reason I bring it to your attention is that Thursday night, my buddy Barry will be promoting a wrasslin' show.

I've known Barry for probably 12 years. He's a couple or three years younger than me. I knew him through the local comic book shop, and I got to knew him as the little guy who was an even bigger wrestling fan than me.

Well, in the years that have followed, Barry's gotten into the pro wrasslin' game.

He got into the indy scene. He's been traveling all over the southeast, working independent shows. Here lately, he works most often in Knoxville and the surrounding areas. But in his travels, he's made friends and (more importantly) mentors out of some of the bigger names on the indy scene.

Barry's promoted quite a few shows locally. Using a lot of local talent, but bringing in a recognizable name or two. To show you his dedication, he handles all the logistics, he sets up the ring, the chairs, the concessions. He gets all the talent, he books the matches. And he usually wrestles two or three times over the course of the evening, generally in different guises.

Well, next Thursday's a big one. He's not run a show in a little while. He's been working for others more than running his own stuff. Like I said, making friends and making connections.

He's called in one of those big ones for next Thursday.

Back in the end of the Spring, beginning of the Summer, the wrestler we call Raven won the National Wrestling Alliance world title.

Raven's one of the many names that Barry's made connections with.

Next Thursday, Barry will be wrestling Raven at the fair for the NWA World Title.

It's a big day for Barry. He's worked hard, and this is a high water mark. Not THE high water mark for a career, we hope, but definitely a high water mark to this point.

He's been working doubly as hard for this one, to really get himself into great shape. He's excited.

So. Next Thursday. Athens, Tennessee. Bell time is 7:00 PM. I'll work on getting you an undercard. But the big one I'm there for is the Raven World Title match.

Should be a good one.


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