Thursday, February 06, 2003

Apparently, I don't like Ariana Huffington (see below). She was on the Daily Show last night on Comedy Central. Their shift in direction from celebrity to newsmakers is an admirable step, but I've been watching it much less.

Speaking of comedy, I forgot to mention last night that the Funniest Man in America was in attendance at the NWA-TNA show. James Gregory came into the arena last night while quasi-promoter Bert Prentice was warming the crowd up. Bert gave Mr. Gregory a nice welcome. James got on the mic and asked if the crowd was as big a rasslin' fan as he was. He wore a dark sunglasses the whole night. He got as pumped about the brawl between the New Church and the team of Low-ki and Elix Skipper as he did about anything.


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