Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Today's Price Is Right Update

Today's Price is Right Update

Not a long update today. I forgot The Price was on, flipped it on long enough to see a kid wearing his baseball cap sideways bid $400 on a set of dishes, and another lady bid $401.

The dishes were $1300. I turned Price off. It's a little too high-fallutin' for your old pal Tommy, today. $1300 dishes. What the hell?

Do you want to know the sum total value of my dishes (a conglomeration of many different hand-me-downs and thrift store pickups, with the bulk of the drinkware consisting the large plastic cups you get with a coke or a beer at a baseball game?)

Right around twenty three dollars.

And do you know what I do if one of these hand-me-downs gets broken? I throw it away, and get another with my drink at Taco Bell.

If I broke a piece from a $1300 set of dishes, I'd probably crap my pants. I mean, I'm not Jessica Simpson. I don't have $1300 to replace sets of dishes every time I break a piece.

So, I turned the price off.

I wrote today. For the first time in a couple or three weeks. I liked how it turned out. Story of two angry bears. It was pretty funny.


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